Although renovating and designing may not be your cup of tea, you still have the capacity to know when something’s just not right about your house and that you really want it changed. This is where I come into the picture. Working in the renovation and interior design business for over 10 years has allowed me to offer clients fresh ideas for how to make a room or an entire house feel like new all over again.

Here are some examples of my interior design work:

Asian Fusion

Designed with both style and function in mind, the sitting room was converted to a Japanese-tea-house-inspired dressing room.

Coastal Living

A beach getaway doesn’t need to be rustic to be tranquil.

Eclectic Mix

These clients wanted their home to be the best of several styles and all the things they loved mixed together.

Spacious Living

Vaulted ceilings and white walls in a newly constructed home became a showcase for the clients’ artwork and accessories

Traditional Twist

Everything from paint selection, custom window treatments, and accessories were selected to remind these clients that retirement wasn’t only about honoring the past, but starting anew.

Fresh Air

An unused linen closet provided the space for this master bath to reveal its full potential.

What Laura Says:
The key to knowing you’re on the right design track? You can’t help but tell everyone about your design plans!